Biopassive house Collbató (II) in Barcelona: “It’s nice to be at home”

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After showing you the Collbató (I) project in the previous post, this time we bring you another home delivered in this town in recent months: The Collbató II project. It is a biopassive house of 170 m2 designed and executed to meet the energy saving requirements of the Passivhaus standard with the use of natural, ecological and health friendly materials.

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The house, designed by the OMB Arquitectura studio, is distributed in a living-dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a study, 2 bathrooms and a garage. The structure is made of wood (CLT + framework) which comes from sustainable forests in the Pyrenees, and, together with the cover, was assembled in just 5 days. The total term of execution of the house has been just 8 months.

As usual in House Habitat constructions, it has a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the envelope. The facade has been finished with SATE with a thickness of 60 millimeters. In addition, a part has been covered by hand with stone masonry, on a foundation panel base to protect the walls and the thermal envelope. Ceramic tile has been installed on the sloping roof.

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High energy efficiency aluminum carpentry, mechanical ventilation system with energy recovery and installation of air conditioning by aerothermal heat pump are some more elements of this passive house located in the impressive surroundings of the Montserrat massif (Barcelona).


We speak with its owner, Andreu Simón, a well-known athlete from the area, with several Spanish ultra-distance championships under his belt.

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Photo: @Jordi Saragossa

Why did you decide to make a biopassive house?
After living the lock down, we were clear that we wanted a house according to our ideals: a comfortable house, with construction processes that respect the environment, that use ecological materials and guarantee energy efficiency.
We visited several projects that House Habitat was working on and they allowed us to follow up on all of them. We were able to check how they worked and we saw that it was what we were looking for

Did you previously know the Passivhaus standard?
We knew the Passivhaus standard and we wanted to work to comply with it. Being self-promoters, we felt responsible for the process and that is why we decided on this type of construction.

Why wood?
House Habitat proposed this type of construction to us and accompanied us in its practical cases. He explained the benefits to us, shared real cases and we were able to see the efficiency of this material.

How have you experienced the construction process?
It has been very exciting. Construction times are reduced compared to normal construction, so you see the changes quickly. We were excited to see how our house grew, but with this system the changes and progress are continuous, so you have a constant feeling of satisfaction.

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You have been living in this biopassive house for some time now… What would you highlight about the house as a user?
On one hand, energy efficiency. We have large spaces but consumption is minimal. In addition, as an athlete I attach great importance to air quality and this type of home guarantees continuous air renewal and filtration, so we are very comfortable when we are in it.

What differences do you find compared to other homes?
The feeling inside. You live in comfort, you feel at ease. The warmth and atmosphere are very pleasant, so it’s nice to be at home. Being able to choose between this type of construction or a traditional one… I only have arguments to defend houses of this type.


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