Founder of the project Healthy Architecture, dating back to when she was a kid and already wanted to be an architect. Seems magical (and powerful) to imagine and realize the spaces where life develops.

When she completed her official studies at the EtsaB, together with the experience of working for a year in the Studio of Frank Gehry in L.A., she needed to fill a major gap to realize that architecture vision that she had learned and worked until then (aesthetics + function) did not match the idea she had.

In 2007 she started a process of learning from different knowledge by very different paths that have led me to where I wanted: to understand all the principles that affect the correct composition of a space, to learn that its global setting influences the life of who inhabits them, and to control these factors to create spaces that will ensure health, happiness, commitment and vitality in users.



    Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of ARQUITIR, expert architect PassivHaus and specialized in sustainable projects.

    Graduated from the University of Barcelona and with her own studio since 2004. She has certified the first Passivhaus building in CLIMA MEDITERRANÉO in Spain, with real energy savings results of 76%. It was a paradigm shift by incorporating technology and physics into the design and construction process.

    Nowadays and with a more holistic and integrative vision, it develops bio-climatic projects with companies specialized in bio-construction, attending to the requests of its clients to achieve maximum comfort at a reasonable price.

    He is aware that architecture not only has to be energy efficient but also has to be social and ecological to be SUSTAINABLE. Generating spaces that are efficient, healthy and committed to the environment is the challenge.

    He believes that it is necessary to recover the balance to achieve mental, physical and social well-being, based on the basis that the human being must be able to meet his needs without jeopardizing the satisfaction of the needs of future generations.


    As an architect, in 1991, he founded “Estudi d’Arquitectura OMB”, an independent office that has allowed him to work directly and freely with his clients and is proud that among his friends, there are those who in his day and as Unknown, they went to his office, placing his trust in him.

    All these years of profession, have filled with experience to an office that has not lost the illusion, vision of the future, curiosity, rigor and professionalism for the benefit of its customers.

    The study has collaborators with the same range of involvement that cover each and every one of the areas and needs for the resolution of the projects.

    “For a few years, we have opted for the construction of wood and biopasive structure that has contributed a greater degree of energy efficiency, rationality, added value, speed and precision of execution and economic.”

    “The commitment to bioconstruction and energy efficiency, are an inherent part of the approach of any project and the final architecture that is intended, is rational, sincere, respectful, consistent and the result of joint work with the client.

    Checking the satisfaction of our customers, now friends, is our greatest personal and professional joy.


    RPR Arquitectura, a studio formed by Rossend Prat Ribera Degree at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona ​​(UPC), on January 10, 1991, and Àlex Vidal Sieiro, Graduated in Technical Architecture and Building at the Higher Polytechnic School of Barcelona (UPC), 2015, with a Master’s Degree in Integral Construction Management, specializing in rehabilitation and restoration of Heritage, 2016, and a Master in Facility BIM Manager (UNIR), 2019.

    Since 1986, in an old apartment located in Plaça del Diamant, BCN, with friends we began to combine studies with the first orders of architecture. From this moment, throughout these 33 years, there has been a sequence of works, which can be grouped into three main areas: ARCHITECTURE, PROMOTION, CONSTRUCTION AND INTERIOR DESIGN – RETAIL.


      RGA architects is the natural evolution of a studio founded in 1982. The extensive experience in project writing allows them to offer practical, economical and sustainable solutions when building a new home.

      They have a long history in wood construction and have built different homes with low energy consumption, always focused on logical and low maintenance solutions.

      Make the most of natural resources, find ecological solutions, interior distributions that reduce lost spaces and create comfortable spaces are some of the basic criteria of their designs.

      The studio is located in an old textile factory, where architecture is understood as a tailored suit, each new project customized for each client and place.


      Title of architect from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (1997).
      Master of structures from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona (2001).
      Crea Azarq arquitectura s.l.p, an architecture studio for architectural competitions in different fields (2003). Participates in cooperation projects in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia (2004 to 2007).
      Crea Molokai S.L, to promote the reform of a set of premises for business incubators (2005).
      Crea Pau Benach architect, study aimed at developing projects built with wooden structure, within the framework of understanding architecture from a more sustainable point of view (2011).


      With more than 25 years of practice of the architect profession, he tries to advise and guide clients in the decision-making of the creation process of what will be their home with all the consequences that it will have in the future for their life and their family. “I have always raised the profession as a social service and a creation process that will help to improve the life of my clients”.

      The dedication for 14 years to the households design with wood structure has opened a new field of work more rational and conformed to save resources and energy resources required by our society. Seeing how commissions of new works convey added value of respect for the environment and how families appreciate this wellness that makes up their homes, makes our work to reverse in new joys that have an impact on the creative process.

      Within the design process, customers participate in the design of their homes advised until its final details for technical advice that will weigh decision-making from the first visits to the estate and the first lace of the family program, until the conclusion of the after work.


      The MJ-60 arquitectura, S.L. architecture studio was created by the architect Mª del Mar Ejarque Velázquez, in 1997. Since its inception it was dedicated to the drafting and execution of architectural projects and real estate development.

      Since then, the MJ-60 arquitectura, S.L. studio and under the administration and management of Mar Ejarque has expanded its field of action, dedicating to writing, administration, construction, management and advice of all kinds of projects or works related to the field of architecture, construction, urban planning and design, with an extensive and recognized professional career and a long experience in residential programs.

      Our idea of architecture and motivation is to create pleasant and habitable spaces by integrating design and modernity, comfort and functionality. Architecture to live, project buildings of great aesthetic beauty by taking advantage of the natural light with all its nuances to get warm, large and well connected environments, adapting to the needs, likes and preferences of our customers, and capturing the essence of their ideas and demands, so at the end they will feel fully satisfied with the finished work.



      Iam fortunate to have studied what I dreamt when I was a kid and to dedicate professionally to the architecture. To think, design and project housing and other living spaces, to follow its construction process and receive feedback from the owners.

      I studied at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Both at the University and in subsequent years I have worked in various studios, learning a lot of architects and partners with whom I have worked. In 2014, I decided to undertake a new professional project and get more control in designs, placing people in the center of the project and solving their needs for quality, well-being and comfort.

      I am currently developing my activity in Bilbao and Girona, having a team of collaborators that allows me to adapt to the requirements of each project.


        En 2008 we imagined a company that moved all the criteria and technologies of sustainability and environmental health that were already being applied in the construction of large buildings to the world of housing and small premises.

        The benefits of building or reforming a family home under these criteria were evident: energy savings (and economy in the medium and long term) are very relevant, housing becomes a much healthier and more protected space and the environmental impact of the work It is smaller.The answer came in the form of Bioclimateam, a team of professionals and industrialists (Team) that is organized around the concept of Bioclimatic Construction.

        Lead this vision and this team Xavier Calm, economist and entrepreneur with training in Bioconstruction and expert in the management of sustainable works. Andrea Lorenzetti is our director of sustainable works, a graduate in architecture and with a postgraduate degree in natural and low-cost construction, with experience in Spain, Italy and in various countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

        The result: much more efficient housing at the level of resource utilization, much healthier for families living in them and with a very careful interior design.
        The synergies and affinity with the vision of House Habitat were evident from the first project in which we collaborated together and have only grown.


        Co-founder of Progetic, energy consultant and certified Passivhaus designer. While he attended a master’s degree in architecture and renewable energy, he was inspired with the possibilities that offer passive houses, the bio-climatic design and bio-construction. Our homes are often spaces uncomfortable that consume a lot of power: my mission is to collaborate in the design and construction of houses ready for the 21st century, which consume very little energy in winter and keep cool and comfortable in summer.

        ProGETIC is an engineering company specialized in the design and certification of passive houses and buildings with almost zero consumption. Our team includes a certified Passivhaus designer, a certified Passivhaus technique of execution, and a facilities engineer expert in renewable energy of high-efficiency systems. We work to find the solutions that best suit the needs and budget of our customers, contributing to the creation of comfortable and healthy buildings with minimum energy consumption.


        The architecture has always covered a basic need of man, but like every work of art, it satisfies the intellect and the emotions. Therefore, it is obvious that a photograph of architecture cannot be limited to graphically document the project.

        This is the proposal of photoarquitectural, where the admiration for the architecture, the passion for photography and perfectionism in the detail are combined to deliver a report of high technical and artistic quality of the architectural work.

        All this adds our special weakness for ecological and sustainable construction. We are a team of three, highly aware with caring for our environment and that is why we focus on these sustainable building projects, because they greatly minimize the impact generated by the construction in the environment that surrounds us and help create a more sustainable future.



        Since 2010 Filmeasy develops projects based on the premise that the image is, or should be, accessible to all.
        This philosophy has made us grow at an artistic, technical and human level and has allowed us to work on all types of projects.

        Experimenting with formats such as documentary video or working for advertising agencies.
        Filmeasy is a producer of Arnau Vilà and Fran Bacardit.


        Triodos Bank promotes sustainable construction and energy efficiency, because by incorporating criteria of sustainability in the housing it emits less CO2 and saves energy, reducing the impact on the environment and fighting climate change.

        Many of our customers are opting for this great ethical Bank, since its conditions when granting an Eco-mortgage provides the same criteria as us, which are building efficiently, healthy and respectfully with the environment.