House Habitat use all of constructive systems in wood: light framework (timber frame), laminated panel (CLT), workshop prefabricated elements, circular and flat log, …

A high-tech Numeric Controlled system allows components from the frame are delivered cutted in the exact length, with a nick and numerate. Each individual component from the frame appears in the assembly drawings. This system allows to accomplish with all of the Spanish technical requests from the CTE The isolation installed in the interior of the structure fills in the holes perfectly, avoiding the possibility of thermal bridges. With this system we can accomplish any exterior or interior finish. For the exterior frontage you can pick any material that you wish: wood, brick, ceramic, natural stone, lime mortar or another material. In the interior walls it is also possible to combine different materials with the wood structure, which means that you can use wood, gypsum or cardboard boards, ceramic or another material. This system allows the construction of big houses and structurally demanding, with a total guarantee (up to 4 hights)
The elements have already incorporated the isolation in the interior, Tyvek, frontage refinements, vape barriers, facilities strips,… this system joint every profit of the light lattice with the assemblage work quickness, at the same time allows a really good control of the workshop’s quality.
The laminated wood is a solid wood construction material that is made emanate from sizing crossed monolayer at least of three layers. This crossed disposition supplies a considerate increase of static resistance and tightness.   The CLT (laminated panel) is fabricated of structural wood C24 dried at 12% (+/-2%), in order to the European technical law to avoid the apparition of fungi and insects, in industrial quality or view (both faces sanded). The laminated Wood opens to completely new possibilities in what respects to charge transmissions. The charges can not only be transmitted in one direction but they can transmit in any direction giving to the panels a stability which laminated panels don’t have. The constructive system of laminated wool offers great design freedom, without high cost and with a reduced time of construction. We can design structures with great light, without pillars, shelf and overhangs with nearly illimited dimensions.
If you like the idea of building your home with solid log or laminated, you’ll see you have two possibilities of choosing the design of the log, circular or rectangular also known as flat, the election of one or another will determine the design of your home but not its functionality. they are structurally very similar and they have the same thermo-acoustic  qualities, they give this originality and authenticity of the construction of solid wood and they accomplish the parameters of the EU medio-ambiental law. Our technology lend us design adapted houses adapted to the exigences of every client, lending them choose between 13 different thickness and designs. The most traditional characteristic of a log wood building are his angled joints that stand out in the corners witch give them this unique style. They have been taken in part the special requirements of the log for the modern construction that’s for all of our models can be built with right angles or special angles (if necessary). The versatility of the log as construction material also allows the modern architecture and design.