House Habitat builds quality and healthy housing for the environment and all the beings that inhabit it, with the use of ecological materials.

Sustainable building tries to get a balanced relationship between nature and the art of building. Through the knowledge of the natural needs of man, generates healthy and worthy habitats, both for man and for the course of nature.

Sustainable building learns from materials and traditional building techniques and innovates in quality and design to build a decent and sustainable future.



ustainable building is based on several main points and they are as follows:

  • In the use of non-toxic natural materials
  • In the optimization of the acoustic and light quality
  • Concrete research of each space or building design to achieve a natural regulation of the moisture and temperature of indoor environments, ensuring an optimal wellness avoiding consuming appliances used in air conditioning
  • Improvement of indoor air quality: renewal of fresh air, ionization, limitation of the emergence of germs and bacteria
  • Absence of polluting electric fields, paying special attention to electrical installations and metallic ducts
  • Minimization in the energy use by installing renewable energy sources