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Right from the start of our activity, here at House Habitat we have built wooden structure homes that are sustainable and healthy, with either passive or practically zero net energy, providing a turnkey service: in other words, we take charge of the entire construction process, right up until the house is ready to move into.

The evolving market, innovation in building systems and our customers’ changing needs have led us to launch a new service that involves building the structure and envelope of homes – and naturally always using sustainable wood – leaving the rest up to the owner or developer.

Thermal envelope of a home in Girona. Built in 5 days.

The thermal envelope of a building is the part that is in contact with the exterior. According to the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE in its Spanish initials), it comprises all those enclosures that separate liveable spaces from the exterior atmosphere, namely air, land or other buildings, as well as the interior partitions that divide liveable spaces from non-liveable ones that also form a physical barrier with the exterior.

If we compare buildings with the human body, the structure would be the equivalent of the bones that make up the skeleton, and the thermal envelope would be the skin. Getting the design and construction right will guarantee considerable energy savings, as well as enhanced interior comfort, laying the foundations for a healthy building.

Bearing in mind the growing trend for increasingly energy efficient buildings with either passive or practically zero net energy, an optimal wooden structure and thermal envelope, combined with insulation materials, efficient air and water tightness and the right sealant for carpentry assembly will provide the ideal base for constructions of this type.

Fast assembly is one of the key advantages of our new service. Indeed, the structure and thermal envelope of a home of some 200 square meters can be completed in just 5 days, as shown by the projects we have successfully completed in Barcelona, Girona and the Balearic Islands.

So now you know, if you are planning an energy efficient and sustainable home, you can entrust the building of the wooden structure and thermal envelope to House Habitat, a team with proven experience and expertise.


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