This is how a bio-passive house between party walls with CLT wood is built

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From the unloading of the wood in the narrow lot to the house finished and ready to deliver. This complete video summarizes the 5-month construction process of the bio-passive house between party walls with a CLT wooden structure, three floors and 175 m2 located in Sabadell (Barcelona).

The video shows in detail the assembly of the building and reflects the rapid advances made in each working day through the industrialized construction system in wood, with which the structure and roof were completed in just 5 days.

Insulation on the facade and interior, polishing of exposed CLT walls, application of natural oils to wood, ecological paints, lime mortars, dual-flow ventilation and aerothermal systems, high-efficiency windows, stacking blinds, kitchen and custom furniture, doors and lighting are some of the components of the house that are also included in the images.

A healthy home with an ‘A’ energy efficiency certificate whose low demand for heating and cooling is covered by solar energy.

You can find more information on this unique sustainable construction project by clicking here  and also here





Architecture and construction: Blauhaus/ SausRiballonch

Bio-passive construction: House Habitat

Partner KnoWood Project: EPSEB-UP

CLT Wood: Egoín

Assembly: Fustería Can Batlló

Passivhaus materials distribution: Onhaus

Screws: Rothoblaas

Tightness materials: Siga

Sealing and bonding solutions: Tremco Illbruck

Natural Wood insulation: Knauf Insultation

SATE Mortar: Weber

Natural Mortars: Com Cal

Wood Windows: Carinbisa

Roof Windows: Fakro

Acoustic: Acustic Ambient

Ventillation: Siber

Aerothermal: De Dietrich

Installations: Rax

Terrace and outdoor floors: Vive la madera

Stackable blinds: Catalana de Graduables

Ecological paints and natural oils: KeimLivos

Lighting: industria29

Sanitary ware and ceramics: Cerygres

Earth moving and fundations: GTREs


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