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A well designed and executed thermal envelope is the perfect starting point for a low energy consumption home, a passive house or Passivhaus.

Here at House Habitat we can provide just the structure and the thermal envelope for homes, using different wood construction systems, including elements prefabricated in the workshop, CLT or formwork.



RAPID CONSTRUCTION: The structure of a 200 square meters home can be assembled in just 5 days. In turn, the envelope will be completed in under a month, including the windows and EIFS.

HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The perfect starting point for ensuring full compliance with Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE 2020) requirements, in line with directive 2010/31/EU on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

MORE ECONOMICAL FOUNDATIONS: Wood structures can weigh as little as a quarter of cement equivalents.

NO THERMAL BRIDGES: building with wood allows for greater thermal bridge control.

SUSTAINABILITY: All our wood is sourced from FSC and PEFC certified forests. What’s more, building with wood uses less energy and reduces carbon footprints.

If you have a building project in Barcelona, Girona or the Balearic Islands, you’ll find further details in our catalogue.

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